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What is Cloud Migration?

Businesses store their databases, applications, and servers on their local data centers. Shifting such data onto AWS cloud platforms, necessitates businesses to replicate their data on the cloud platform. The process of migrating such data from local premises to cloud platforms is known as cloud migration. Organizations willing to expand their reach on a global scale can make use of AWS Migration Services. This assists them in increasing their clientele and enhance their value in the international markets.

Need for AWS Migration Consulting Services in Berlin Germany

AWS Migration Consulting Services are tailored to fulfill various business needs. Opting for AWS Migration Services in Berlin Germany permits businesses to shift their local IT infrastructure to the cloud platform. Organizations operating out of Berlin get to choose AWS Migration services for modernizing their data centers. Furthermore, businesses need not set up additional server systems for operating across various countries. Opting for cloud services entitles businesses to replicate the architecture across various data centers set up in different continents. This helps an organization to increase its reach to the foreign markets and reap the benefits by operating from their home country.

Cloud computing is the best way to access servers, databases, and applications through AWS cloud services. Also, businesses can make use of various tools offered by AWS cloud platform. Such tools assist businesses in shifting various elements of their IT infrastructure through the migration process. Some of these tools include database migration, cloud adoption readiness tool, application migration, migration hub services, microservices on AWS and server migration. With the assistance of these tools, organizations migrating to AWS cloud platforms gain a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

What is cloud migration in AWS?
Cloud migration in AWS is a term used for migrating servers, databases, and applications from physical locations or hosting facilities onto AWS cloud platforms. Read more
What is AWS Migration?
AWS Migration is an agentless service that helps businesses to shift their workloads to AWS cloud platform. Organizations utilize AWS migration service to transform their IT infrastructure to stay at par with the rapid changes in technology.
What is the 6R migration strategy of AWS?
Amazon web services has adopted 6R Migration strategy model for migrating workloads. Based on the complexities of the existing IT infrastructure of an organization, AWS Migration strategies are utilized to ensure a smooth transition. The 6R Migration strategies are rehost, replatform, repurchase, refactor, retire and retain.
What are AWS Migration tools?
AWS Migration tools are designed to help businesses while migrating their workloads. The tools offered by AWS cloud platform include application migration, server migration database migration, microservices on AWS, CART and AWS migration hub.
Who should opt for AWS Migration in Berlin?
Businesses that operate out of Berlin and are interested in migrating their IT infrastructure to the AWS cloud can opt for AWS Migration.

Key Features of AWS Migration Services in Berlin

AWS Migration Services in Berlin Germany is provided by Unichrone through certified professionals. Businesses willing to migrate their data centers from local systems onto cloud platforms can avail the AWS Migration Consultancy Services. Certified professionals in the field of AWS create a systematic plan to migrate the data centres onto AWS cloud platforms without changing the original code. In addition, on completion of the migration process, organizations will have full control over their data on AWS.

  • 24x7 visibility of data on AWS cloud platform
  • Flexibility of migration plan as per organizational needs
  • Tailored migration process by utilizing available resources
  • High scalability by migrating incremental changes in Berlin
  • Increased productivity of employees
  • Drastic reduction in server downtime in Berlin
  • Customized schedule for large-scale migration
  • Reliable and safe global computing infrastructure through AWS

More about AWS Migration Services in Berlin Germany

Businesses willing to increase their reach and customers across the globe can utilize AWS migration services. AWS Migration provides a wide range of services that can be tailored to the needs of the organization. AWS migration services further offer a set of tools that can be utilized to migrate infrastructure, servers, databases, and applications. Migrating data centers from physical locations to the cloud platform assists organizations in significantly reducing their expenses on the IT infrastructure.

Utilizing AWS Migration Services further provides a secure and reliable framework for organizations to shift their workloads. Additionally, businesses can make use of the best-in-class cloud services offered by AWS cloud platforms to enhance their servers and application.

During the migration process, AWS certified professionals conduct a feasibility assessment to ensure that the IT infrastructure can be migrated. Thereafter, a customized migration plan is developed based on the results of the assessment and business needs. Professionals then migrate and validate the applications onto the cloud platforms. Certain applications may be redesigned to suit the cloud environment. The final step of migration involves monitoring and managing workloads hosted on the cloud platform.

The process can vary according to the organizational requirements. Modernizing the IT infrastructure allows businesses to extend their business operations on a larger scale. Furthermore, migrating to AWS cloud platform entitles businesses to stay updated with technological advancements.

AWS Migration Strategy

Unichrone's Approach



  • Understand the servers
  • Create a register
  • Design the roadmap
  • Initiate the migration hub


  • Plan the list of activities
  • Incorporate the necessary connectors
  • Align the process with business needs
  • Present the solution


  • Begin the migration process
  • Discover and note the bugs
  • Conduct tests to ensure quality
  • Termination of services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud migration strategy?

Cloud migration strategy is a plan developed by organizations to move their data from existing IT infrastructure to a cloud environment. Organizations can choose a single strategy or a blend of strategies to migrate their workloads onto AWS cloud.

How can I migrate data to AWS cloud?

Businesses can make use of AWS Migration Services to migrate their applications and servers. Certified AWS professionals assist such organizations in creating a migration plan and implementing it to fulfill the requirements of the organization.

Does AWS support live migration?

AWS does not support live migration as the platform is not structured to support such a migration process. As a result, AWS platform is only designed to simplify the migration process for organizations.

What is the process of AWS Migration in Berlin?

The procedure followed for migrating workloads using AWS platform varies from one organization to another. The generic process followed by certified AWS professionals to migrate the data is as follows:

  • Assess - Professionals assess the needs of the organization and determine whether the workloads in their existing format can be migrated.
  • Mobilize - During the mobilize phase, professionals review whether the workloads are designed to suit the cloud environment. Additionally, professionals also make a list of gaps found during this phase.
  • Migrate - Certified AWS professionals engage in implementing the migration process as per the migration plan. Businesses can always track the progress of the migration during this phase.
The three phases form a systematic approach for conducting AWS migration.

Which servers can be migrated to AWS?

Windows, Linux, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu, and Fedora servers can be migrated to the AWS cloud platform.

How can I migrate on-premises to cloud in Berlin?

Businesses that need to migrate data from an on-premises location to a cloud platform need to replicate their workloads. AWS certified professionals assist in creating a replication of the data that has to be migrated. Thereafter, professionals launch the workloads on the AWS cloud by making minor changes. In addition, certified professionals make use of various tools available on AWS to migrate the data of organizations.

How can I plan AWS Migration?

Organizations willing to migrate their applications or servers need to plan and determine whether they are ready to rehost. Simultaneously, businesses can choose the applications that can create an impact by utilizing cloud infrastructure. On selecting the application, businesses can assess and discover the customers using server inventory. Thereafter, organizations can utilize the 6 migration strategies and know the business value of migrating their data. This further assists an organization to structure the migration process and utilize the services.

What is CART in AWS tools?

Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART) helps organizations in providing insights on the level of readiness for cloud migration. This tool is formulated to assist in developing a plan for cloud migration and adoption.

Why avail AWS Migration services from Unichrone?

Unichrone offers AWS Migration Consultancy Services in Berlin for organizations interested in migrating their workloads. Our cloud migration solutions are tailored to suit the requirements of businesses. Partnering with Unichrone further assists businesses receive guidance throughout the process of migration with 24x7 support.

Why do I need AWS Migration in Berlin?

Organizations willing to utilize AWS migration services in Berlin gain an advantage over other businesses in the field. This helps in creating a long-standing reputation and credibility in the industry. By choosing AWS migration services, organizations reap the benefits of implementing advanced technological services of AWS cloud.

What is AWS Migration Hub?

AWS migration is the one-stop destination for cloud migration services. The hub is designed to store the IT assets of an organisation and track the progress of its migration onto AWS cloud.

How can I track the migration process?

Organizations can track the progress of their workloads, servers, applications and databases using AWS Migration hub.