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Overview of Azure Migration Consulting Services

Many organizations are keen on shifting their workloads to cloud platforms. Businesses, irrespective of its size and industry, are willing to use cloud services than incur huge expenses on traditional IT infrastructure. Utilizing cloud services enables businesses to shift their systems, data, and servers to the cloud platforms. This further makes it easier for businesses to cave in to the digitization process at an early stage.

What are Azure Migration Services?

Microsoft Azure Cloud Service provider offers a variety of tools that can be applied by organizations during the migration process. In addition, these tools assist in automating the transition process to azure cloud. Azure migration services further help businesses to reap the benefits of using cloud platforms for their workloads. Businesses that make use of Azure Migration services are further entitled to use Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. This reduces the on-premises infrastructure for organizations dealing with vast amounts of data. Besides, IaaS and PaaS, Azure also offers security and ensures to comply with all the rules applicable.

Prior to the transformation process, an organization needs to consider whether the business can survive the transition and incur the costs applicable. In addition, businesses also need to consider whether they have needed manpower to execute cloud platforms into their organizational structure. There are various kinds of services provided under Azure Migration for businesses that are interested in digitizing their operations. With the simplified procedure, today any organization can transform their traditional infrastructure to cloud infrastructures through a team of experts.

What is Azure Migration Services?
Azure migration services are a set of tools that helps a business to migrate their data and workloads to the cloud architecture. Read more
How can I migrate to Azure?
A business that is willing to migrate all its workload using the azure platform needs to follow a step-by-step approach. Azure migration service providers tend to follow the 4-step migration process for a smooth transition.
What are Azure Migration Tools?
Azure migration tools help in planning, managing, and executing the upgradation of IT resources of the organization. They are application migration, azure database migration, microservices on azure, and DevOps and Azure.
What is the Azure migration process?

The Azure migration process is as follows:

  • Discover
  • Assess
  • Target
  • Measure

Why is Azure migration important?
Azure migration services are designed to assist businesses in simplifying the procedures involved in cloud migration. With proper guidance and the azure platform, organizations can easily upgrade their IT assets through certified cloud professionals.

Key Features of Azure Migration Services

Azure Migration Services include application migration, database migration to the Azure cloud, microservices, and Azure and DevOps. Based on the needs and requirements of the organization Unichrone can provide and tailor these services accordingly. Our team indulges in assisting organizations to move their workloads into cloud platforms without any hassles.

  • Qualified cloud specialists with vast experience
  • Embrace the rich consultancy service experience
  • Certified Azure professionals
  • Robust tools for a smoother transition process
  • Cost-efficient migration with Azure
  • Compliance with security and data protection requirements
  • Better efficiency of operational procedures
  • End-to-end support for key migration services

Why choose Azure Migration Services?

The Azure platform enables organizations to migrate their applications and data to the cloud platforms. This assists businesses to enhance their productivity, lower the risks, and transform their businesses digitally. Migrating workloads and adopting a powerful cloud infrastructure entitles organizations to transform into a modern workspace. Businesses can also use a comprehensive approach for utilizing various migration services offered by Azure simultaneously.

Additionally, we ensure that businesses realize their cloud capabilities to develop applications using a variety of cloud services. This further empowers employees to be more efficient in achieving business goals.

Azure is one of the most preferred cloud platforms by IT enterprises. Services like Infrastructure as a Service, Platforms as a Service, and Software as a Service, provided by Azure simplify the migration process. During the migration process, businesses can track the progress and take necessary decisions immediately.

Availing Azure Migration Services solves various migration needs of organizations through curated scenarios. Furthermore, we create strategies for creating an infrastructure that helps businesses in deriving more value from IT modernization.

Migration Strategy


Host old-fashioned IT infrastructure in the IaaS platform without making any changes in the code.


Modify the required applications to make it suitable for the cloud environment by lowering budget.


Structure the existing applications to ensure that it can meet the expansible needs of the code.


Design new and robust applications within the cloud platforms as per industry standards.

Unichrone's Approach



  • Comprehend the needs
  • Create a list for assessment
  • Analyze the system
  • Interpret the cloud readiness


  • Procure the resources
  • Designate cloud professionals
  • Design a roadmap
  • Develop strategies for key processes
  • Propose the cloud solution


  • Create a service catalog
  • Conduct a feasibility study
  • Mobilize the resource
  • Establish the migration strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of azure migration services?

Azure migration services are applied by organizations that need digital transformation. In addition, businesses that make use of azure migration get to significantly reduce the costs incurred on traditional IT architecture.

What is the duration of Azure migration?

The duration of Azure migration depends on the volume of data and workloads present within the organization. As a result, the fixed time period required for the migration process cannot be determined.

When do businesses need Azure migration?

One of the best practices currently followed in IT is to migrate from old IT infrastructures to cloud platforms. Azure migration services provide a centralized system for businesses to shift their servers from physical locations to the cloud. In addition, organizations can easily track their migration progress in each stage.

How to create an Azure migration service?

Organizations can create a request by filling in necessary details with the Azure Migration Service provider. Thereafter, the service provider guides and assists the organization in creating and delivering the services as required.

What is application migration?

Application migration is a tool provided by Microsoft Azure to transfer software applications from one computing environment to another. Businesses often migrate their software applications to cloud platforms and gain a competitive advantage over others.

When can we apply database migration?

Businesses are often seen migrating their database from an outdated system to a virtual system. This helps to improve the database performance, enhance security and reduce costs. Furthermore, database migration to Azure cloud enables the database to be azure compliant.

Why do we need Microservices on Azure?

Microservices are a structural approach wherein each service of a particular application is designed and executed separately. This approach ensures that the failure of one element does not break the whole application.

How will I benefit from Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a SaaS offered by Microsoft. It consists of a series of services that offers powerful tools. These tools further help development teams to access new features at regular intervals. In addition, Azure DevOps is considered to be reliable, flexible, and cloud compliant.

Why Unichrone for Azure Migration?

Choosing Unichrone for Azure migration services helps organizations to modernize their IT infrastructure as per best practices. Our certified cloud professionals assist in easier and faultless migration of your servers, database and applications. Furthermore, Unichrone is the leading service provider in various nations across the globe. As a result, businesses can reap the benefit of crafted solutions for their IT needs.

When should you opt for Azure migration?

Organizations that are interested in being at par with technological advancements can opt for Azure migration. This assists in relocating their IT infrastructure from physical locations to cloud platforms. AT the end of the migration process, businesses gain a competitive advantage over other businesses in the industry.

Who performs azure migration services?

Unichrone offers Azure migration services across various nations. Businesses willing to update their IT structure can make use of Azure Migration Services provided in their home country.

Which port is used for Azure migration?

Azure migration uses port 443.