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Overview of AWS Migration Consulting Services

AWS Migration Services assist businesses in migrating their data centers, applications and services to cloud platforms. The migration services provided through Amazon Web Services enable businesses to computerize their servers from physical locations. With AWS Cloud Migration, organizations can simplify their cloud migration process with minimal downtime. In addition, utilizing AWS Migration Services entitles businesses to shift their on-premises workloads to cloud platforms without any complexities.

What are AWS Migration Services?

Adopting Cloud Migration Services allows businesses to automatically convert their source servers from physical infrastructures to be executed on AWS cloud platforms. Businesses willing to shift their applications to cloud platforms can make use of AWS migration services. Certified AWS cloud professionals will assist organizations in a smooth transition process. By migrating to the AWS platform, businesses get access to advanced technology at reduced costs. In addition, migrating to the cloud decreases the cost of utilizing physical servers for workloads. Also, AWS migration can assist organizations in migrating from any infrastructure that runs on supporting operating systems.

The migration process starts with understanding the present infrastructure utilized by the organization. Thereafter, businesses consult AWS Migration Service providers to understand the technicalities of migrating workloads. AWS certified professionals then create a detailed roadmap of the process in accordance with business needs. Based on the volume of data, the migration process can last for a few weeks to months or even years.

What are AWS Migration services?
AWS Migration services are designed to assist organizations in migrating their data, workloads, and servers onto cloud platforms. Businesses can easily reap the benefits of migrating their data using AWS with just minimal downtime. Read more
What is the AWS Migration process?

AWS Migration follows a step-by-step approach for relocating the data on cloud platforms. The following are the process generally followed for migrating data centers.

  • Assess
  • Mobilize
  • Migrate
  • Modernize

What is multi-server migration?
Multi-server migration is the technique followed by AWS professionals to migrate an organization’s data centers. In addition, this technique helps an organization to move the entire application stack than shifting servers individually.
How do I start AWS Migration?
Businesses can utilize various tools to migrate their data centers to cloud platforms. The general practice followed by organizations is to host their data on cloud platforms and rearchitect using AWS.
Why do I need AWS Migration?
AWS Migration services enable businesses to simplify their process of digitalizing their IT infrastructure. In addition, AWS Migration Services reduces the complexities involved in migrating workloads onto cloud platforms.

Key Features of AWS Migration Services

Opting for AWS Migration services helps organizations to reduce the complexities arising out of the transition. Businesses can test their migrations iteratively as the incremental changes are stored on previous servers. On the whole, the migration process decreases the application downtime which otherwise could impact the business to a great extent. In the end, the organization will have full control over its cloud applications and servers on AWS. Additionally, businesses can completely utilize our tailored AWS migration services to meet their business goals.

  • End-to-end visibility of cloud assets
  • Easy adaptability as per business requirements
  • Simplified migration procedures by using resources optimally
  • Elasticity of services as per changing demands
  • Enhanced performance through AWS cloud platforms
  • Migration of IT infrastructure through a highly secured framework
  • Significant reduction in costs incurred on IT infrastructure
  • Application of latest technological elements for better resource utilization

Why choose AWS Migration Services?

AWS Migration Services have assisted several businesses in transforming their IT infrastructure as per latest technological innovations. Such businesses have acquired a competitive advantage over other organizations in the industry. Digitalizing the IT framework of the organization has proved to increase the efficiency of operations carried out within a business. Migration services offered by AWS have further helped businesses to replicate their physical infrastructures on cloud platforms through a seamless process. This has significantly decreased an organization’s spend on IT architecture.

Moreover, the migration services by AWS have helped organizations to host their applications, servers, and databases on cloud platforms. This necessitates employees to master the cloud computing techniques and enhance their productivity by utilizing new technological elements.

Businesses can procure AWS Migration Services from Unichrone by following a systematic process. Experts conduct an assessment before providing cloud solutions to the organization. Thereafter, our experts analyze IT resource availability and capabilities. On addressing the gaps, our certified experts begin the migration process ensuring an organization’s readiness for a successful transition.

On completion of the migration process, businesses can try various elements hosted on AWS cloud platforms to enhance their IT framework. This enables organizations to reap the benefits of digitizing their operations through rehosting.

Migration Strategy

Unichrone's Approach



  • Understand the servers
  • Create a register
  • Design the roadmap
  • Initiate the migration hub


  • Plan the list of activities
  • Incorporate the necessary connectors
  • Align the process with business needs
  • Present the solution


  • Begin the migration process
  • Discover and note the bugs
  • Conduct tests to ensure quality
  • Termination of services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS migration?

AWS Migration is a service offered by Unichrone to assist businesses in shifting their data centers from on-premises to AWS cloud platforms.

Is migrating to AWS time-consuming?

AWS migration indulges in modernizing the entire IT structure or specific applications and databases. As a result, certified experts cannot pre-determine whether the migration is time-consuming or not.

Why do businesses need AWS Migration?

Businesses willingly utilize AWS migration when they want to host their applications on AWS. Migrating their servers and data onto cloud platforms further helps in using various new technological elements.

How can businesses utilize AWS Migration?

Businesses utilize AWS Migration services to suit their technological needs. Making use of cloud platforms to shift their physical IT infrastructure enables businesses to stay up-to-date with rapid technological changes.

What is the AWS application migration?

AWS Application migration service enables businesses to migrate their entire application to the cloud platform. Businesses can easily relocate the applications that were initially hosted on the on-premises infrastructure and rebuild them on AWS.

How does AWS Database migration work?

Businesses interested in re-platforming their databases from traditional infrastructure to cloud infrastructure, utilize data migration services. For instance, several businesses look forward to transforming their MySQL databases to AWS compatible databases.

What are the various AWS Migration tools?

AWS Migration tools are various migration services offered on the AWS platform. Businesses can utilize either of the tools to transform their IT infrastructure and host it on cloud platforms.

When is AWS Migration Hub used?

AWS migration hub is the location wherein businesses can find all their migration services on the AWS platform. In addition, organizations can select from a wide range of tools available in accordance with the requirements of the business. With migration hub, businesses can further track their migration progress

How will I benefit from AWS Migration?

AWS Migration has significantly gained popularity among large IT enterprises. Several businesses make use of AWS Migration services to be technologically advanced in their industry. In addition, utilizing AWS Migration Services assists in enhancing the value of businesses in the market.

Why choose Unichrone for AWS Migration?

Unichrone offers AWS Migration Services to assist organizations in their migration process. Certified AWS professionals assist businesses to transform their IT infrastructure as per the latest industry-standard practices.

Can I track the migration process?

Yes, businesses can easily track the progress of the migration as AWS offers end-to-end visibility.

Which servers can be migrated to AWS?

AWS Migration services support the migration of Windows, Linus, Fedora, Ubuntu, and so on.