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What is the need for Staffing Services?

As the industries are growing rapidly and diversely, organizations are forced to hire talents who fit aptly and possess adequate skills. Moreover, recruiters have to go through a time consuming process of scanning through applications and doing background checks. A staffing solution partner would take care of all the recruitment related tasks and speed up the process of hiring talents. Utilizing staffing services assists businesses to specify their requirements for gathering resources and leave the rest to the solution provider.

What is meant by Staffing Solutions?

Staffing Solutions refer to the process of recruiting people for organizations and enterprises. The process varies based on the expertise of the solution provider as well as requirements specified by an enterprise. Our staffing experts look forward to fulfilling these requirements whilst complying with the applicable regulations. In addition, we believe in quality of professionals who can deliver better and enhance the productivity of the organization thereby reducing the administrative costs involved in recruitment process. Furthermore, we ensure that our resources stay for the complete duration of the service.

Our areas of expertise include advisory and consulting services, enterprise recruiting, recruitment process outsourcing, payroll services, managed services, and direct outsourcing. Organizations can choose any of these services for acquiring a perfect solution for their staffing needs. This allows them to focus on critical activities of the organization than perform the tedious task of hiring resources. Our services can be further tailored as per the needs of the organization/ enterprise. With just a simplified process of getting in touch with us, you can find a wide range of solutions that best fits your needs of staffing.

Why is Staffing Solution important?
Staffing Solutions are designed to assist organizations in carrying out their recruitment activities. As most organizations are unable to invest time and costs in recruiting the best talents, they can make use of staffing solutions. Read more
What is meant by Staffing Solutions?
Staffing Solutions are services offered by firms that engage in choosing the right person with the right set of skills for the right job. Staffing solution providers act as the middlemen between candidates and employers.
What are the Staffing Services offered?
Staffing services offered by Unichrone include advisory and consulting, payroll services, direct outsourcing, managed services, recruitment process outsourcing, and enterprise recruiting.
Who carries out staffing processes?
Staffing processes are usually carried out by the Human Resource department of the organization. However, when organizations secure staffing solutions, experts in the field assist in carrying out recruitment processes.
How do Staffing Solutions benefit?
Staffing Solutions support organizations in reducing the infrastructural costs which is otherwise incurred while hiring the best resources. In addition, securing staffing solutions helps businesses to gather talents globally than just within home country borders. Furthermore, securing these solutions decreases the amount of paperwork and legal compliances of recruitment.

Key Features of Staffing Solutions

The age old time-consuming task of recruiting resources for an organization is slowly changing. Businesses prefer to outsource their talents than indulge in the recruiting process. This not only saves time but also allows businesses to have talents that are reliable and dedicated. Additionally, we also engage in verifying the skills of candidates to ensure that only qualified professionals are gathered. Enterprises can get our expert advice and customized services for their diverse staffing needs across the globe.

  • Meet your staffing needs in a time-efficient manner
  • Hand-picked candidates to meet business requirements
  • Personalized assessments to validate skills and knowledge
  • Expert guidance while choosing the best staffing solution
  • Customized services to fulfill varying business needs
  • Unlimited manpower at reduced costs
  • Continuous ongoing support throughout the service duration
  • Decreased risks of hiring new employees

Why choose Staffing Solutions offered by Unichrone?

At Unichrone we offer staffing solutions to cater to the needs of organizations and enterprises. Businesses tend to evolve with the rapidly changing technological environment. This necessitates them to hire resources who are at par with the advancements in terms of their skills and knowledge. With the growth processes, it becomes difficult/tedious for organizations to focus on non-core activities such as hiring and recruiting. Moreover, they are further penalized to run background checks to ensure candidates best fit their organization seamlessly. To curb such challenges and dedicate their time to critical activities, businesses can utilize staffing solutions. The solutions comprehensively reduce the administrative expenses and risks associated with it. In addition, our staffing experts ensure to make use of their expertise while assisting businesses in choosing the right talent for their needs.

Our wide range of solutions is designed to fulfill diverse staffing requirements imposed by the organization. Also, we take pride in placing the candidates on some of the challenging projects carried out across various nations.

Choosing to utilize staffing solutions allows an enterprise to focus and dedicate itself to carrying out critical activities. Though staffing is an intricate yet non-critical part, efficiency of the organization mainly depends on the resources they possess. Additionally, with staffing solutions organizations tend to have a variable capacity that can be modified as per business requirements. This significantly reduced the internal infrastructure costs incurred on the recruitment processes along with the time spent on it. The updated knowledge and skills of candidates act as an added advantage for enterprises that are keen on innovation. Staffing solutions make it easier for organizations to fill in a variety of roles using professionals who are highly- qualified and skilled.

Staffing solutions can be applied to any position within the organization. The solutions can assist in filling roles that are quite diverse without any industry, size or location barriers. Enquire with us and get advice on how you can reap the benefits of staffing solutions.

Staffing Strategy


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We utilize a modern approach for designing processes necessary for recruiting talented resources. A unique hiring solution is designed to meet our clients needs.



Our experts develop solutions by basing them on the needs of enterprises and organizations. We can further customize as per the staffing requirements.



Using best practices of recruitment, we deliver resources to organizations thereby, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the staffing functions?

The major functions of planning start with the process of HR planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, and training and development.

Why do organizations prefer staffing solutions?

Organizations prefer staffing solutions over the tedious and time consuming tasks of the recruitment process. Outsourcing the processes allows companies to focus on their core and critical activities over the non-critical ones. This further allows businesses to be more productive whilst finding the right personnel to be part of their workforce.

What is payroll service?

Payroll services allow organizations to process the salaries of their employees. Companies tend to outsource this service by sharing the employee list and the remuneration they are eligible for. This process reduces the load on the HR and finance departments of the organization.

What is the need for direct outsourcing?

Through direct outsourcing, organizations receive quality personnel who are reliable at lesser costs. Acquiring this solution is considered as the strategic move that an organization can take to enhance its competitive advantage in the industry.

What are managed services?

Securing Managed Services allows businesses to overcome the challenges in recruiting processes. We engage in taking care of the regulations and compliance activities under this service. In addition, through this service, we keep an eye on any of the legal risks that an organization may face while recruiting resources at lesser costs.

Who needs advisory and consulting services?

Organizations that struggle to accomplish their basic goals and objectives can secure advisory and consulting services. Through this solution, an organization is empowered to improve its efficiencies, unlock its potential, and reduce its operating costs significantly.

Why choose enterprise recruiting?

The size and complexities of an enterprise necessitate it to secure enterprise recruiting services. Utilizing this service allows an enterprise to find the right candidates in a cost-efficient manner. In addition, background checks and verification of candidates are done comprehensively and accurately under this solution.

What is recruitment process outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing service necessitates an organization to outsource their HR activities to a staffing solution provider like Unichrone. All the processes of recruitment from planning to onboarding of candidates are carried out by a staffing solution provider. Businesses can track recruitment initiatives in real time and personalize the processes for hiring special talents.

Why Unichrone for Staffing Solutions?

Unichrone has a global presence making it easier for organizations present in different nations to recruit seamlessly. Our staffing experts guide and direct organizations in choosing the right solution for their staffing requirements. In addition, we offer continuous support throughout the duration of the service.

What is the typical process of recruitment?

The usual process of recruitment starts with identifying the need for recruitment, designing a job description, searching for candidates, conducting background checks and assessments, performing interviews, and offering jobs.

What is meant by outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process of hiring third parties for conducting operations or performing tasks or securing services. Businesses that outsource staffing activities have significantly reduced their costs and enhanced their efficiencies through highly skilled resources.

Why is staffing required?

Staffing helps to manage human resources more effectively. It is considered as the essential function that organizations have to implement to grow and sustain the market for longer periods.