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What is Business Intelligence?

In this digital era, business intelligence is considered a tool for utilizing data to make fact-based and better informed decisions. In simple terms, business intelligence comprises a set of procedures that can convert raw data into meaningful information. To gain such information, various data tools, data mining techniques, analytics, and visualization as per best practices. It is quite evident that applying business intelligence has entitled businesses to unlock new capabilities and expand their operations.

Need for BI Consulting Services

Securing BI Consulting Services empowers an organization to improve its day-to-day activities using advanced models. Businesses can extract actionable insights and utilize it for making informed decisions. Traditional data analytics and reporting methods are much slower when compared to the newer advanced models. To stay at par with the current trends, businesses are necessitated to utilize the newer models of analytics and reporting methodologies. Business Intelligence Services enables organizations to exploit the industry-standard practices and speeds up the process of growth. Additionally, these services assist organizations in stepping into the data-driven world seamlessly. Furthermore, this allows organizations to exploit the benefits of advanced analytics.

Unichrone offers Business Intelligence Consulting Services across various nations globally. Our services help organizations in gaining insights from the data collected and convert it into useful information. Through these services, businesses can stay proactive with real-time data, train the teams to use various features, access data anywhere, and utilize predictive analytical models. This further enhances the productivity of organizations and unlocks its true potential. Moreover, with business intelligence services, organizations get to stay ahead of their competitors through improved operational efficiency, increased revenue, and deliver superior customer experience. The services further guide businesses in building a robust BI architecture and reduce the dependencies on IT departments.

What is Business Intelligence?
Business Intelligence is a term that involves a set of processes and technologies which is applied on the data to derive meaningful information. With the help of BI, organizations can easily create strategies based on the actionable insights acquired by processing data. Read more
How does BI assist organizations in the digital era?
Businesses that have gone through digital transformation are necessitated to process vast amounts of data gathered from various sources. Often this overwhelms businesses as it’s a time consuming process all data sets without advanced tools and techniques. Applying business intelligence makes it easier for organizations to make use of modern analytical tools and analyze data much faster and accurately. Furthermore, with BI, businesses can easily exploit the power of data to make strategic decisions.
How is Business Intelligence applied?
Business Intelligence is applied using a structured approach. In the initial stage, BI experts assess the data captured by the organization. Thereafter, the data is processed using advanced analytical techniques to identify patterns through which useful information can be derived. Such information can further be utilized for making strategic decisions to expand business activities.
What is the role of a BI Consultant?
A BI consultant is responsible for engaging with organizations to assess their abilities for managing Business Intelligence. Such consultants further guide IT teams and offer their assistance throughout the process of implementing BI. Additionally, BI consultants also guide organizations in selecting the right business intelligence tool for analyzing the data.
What is BI used for?
Business Intelligence is known for drawing useful conclusions from abundant data gathered by the organization. BI uses various statistical models that can be applied to process data quickly and accurately. In addition, BI helps managers, executives and senior management in using accurate information for taking apt decisions.

Key Features of BI Consulting Services

We at Unichrone offer Business Intelligence Consulting Services across various countries. Our business intelligence experts ensure that an organization can optimally utilize BI services and gain valuable insights. Additionally, our BI solutions are combined with advanced analytics and reporting tools for making data-informed decisions. Furthermore, our BI consultants indulge in strategizing and implementing business intelligence transformation for an organization.

  • Support in strategic planning activities
  • Effectively conduct BI assessments
  • Conduct analysis of current data
  • Prebuilt analytical and reporting tools
  • Assistance for selecting the right BI tools
  • Optimised frameworks for instilling BI
  • Comprehensive security and access functions
  • Flexible approach for implementing BI

Why choose Business Intelligence Consulting Services?

Business Intelligence is known for assisting organizations in analyzing past data to derive useful insights for making strategic decisions. Utilizing various advanced BI tools enables businesses to process vast amounts of data across various platforms. This helps in presenting visual insights for understanding the insight and sharing it across other departments. In the age-old days, this process was done manually by employees, wherein abundant data was processed using traditional means. With the evolution of Business intelligence, it has been easier for organizations to streamline and automate processes that are generally time-consuming. In this digital era, business intelligence is being deployed to present the integrated data in visual formats. Organizations make use of BI for flexible visualization of business activities and technological capabilities thereby improving business growth.

Securing BI Consulting Services enables organizations to instill business intelligence framework within the internal structure. Furthermore, businesses go through a seamless process of BI implementation through our business intelligence experts.

Our BI consultants engage in creating robust strategies and roadmaps for effective installation of BI framework. Businesses willing to implement BI framework for the first time or upgrade their existing BI system can secure our services. At Unichrone our business intelligence services include data analysis, advanced analytics, visual analytics, OLAP, and Data warehousing. Organizations can utilize any or all these services to transform their operations and gain a competitive edge. BI experts further choose, plan, tailor and implement business intelligence services as per the requirements of the organization. Business intelligence consultants collaborate with IT teams to manage the impact of changes caused due to BI implementation. This makes it easier to follow a systematic approach for seamless BI implementation. Furthermore, businesses gain 24/7 assistance from our consultants throughout the process of applying BI.

With the application of Business Intelligence organizations can benefit from better data quality, faster reporting process, and increased operational efficiency. BI Consulting Services offered by Unichrone makes it easier for organizations to leverage these benefits.

BI Strategy


Unichrone's Approach



We engage in establishing strategies for implementing business intelligence within the organizational structure based on the needs.



Our consultants engage in assessing whether the existing operational framework is suitable for implementing Business Intelligence solutions.



On assessing compatibility issues, we follow industry-standard practices for developing and implementing Business intelligence Solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries apply BI?

A few industries that have applied BI include healthcare, retail, financial services, logistics and manufacturing.

What are BI challenges?

Businesses may overcome various challenges when a properly structured approach while implementing business intelligence is not followed. As BI employs advanced technologies to process and analyze data across the various platform, businesses need to ensure their compatibility with such technologies. Also, organizations need to ensure the quality of data, as applying BI to lower quality data can impact the information derived from it. Without implementing data-driven culture across all departments, business intelligence does not assist in reaping the benefits. To overcome such challenges, organizations are required to secure BI Consulting Services.

What are Business Intelligence Solutions?

Business Intelligence Solutions are designed to analyze and interpret data gathered by the organization from various sources. These solutions comprise of technologies and strategies for assessing data using various tools. BI solutions offered by Unichrone include reporting automation, data analysis, data warehousing, visual analytics, OLAP, and advanced analytics.

How can businesses achieve is goals with BI?

Businesses often have to make strategic decisions for expanding their activities, tapping foreign markets, and improving their operational activities. With Business Intelligence, organizations gain the ability to make use of the data collected from various sources and process it for deriving meaningful information. This information further supports in taking decisions toward achieving business goals for an organization.

What is data analysis?

Data Analysis refers to the process of modifying raw data to derive meaningful insights using advanced tools and techniques. The data analysis solution offered under BI service allows businesses to make more accurate and fact-based decisions. Securing Data Analysis Solution makes it easier for organizations to transform their procedures for assessing data and finding patterns.

How does visual analytics benefit?

Visual analytics refers to the process of analyzing abundant data using visual representations. Organizations utilize this BI solution to gain meaningful information through graphs, charts and maps. This further assists in identifying patterns for making data-driven decisions.

What is the need for advanced analytics?

Advanced analytics solutions under BI services enable organizations to optimize, correlate and predict the next best action for an organization. Utilizing the modern methods of conducting analysis on data further assists organizations to stay at par with the current trends.

What is OLAP?

Online Analytical Processing or OLAP is a technology that assists in structuring large organizational databases for conducting analysis. Businesses can utilize this BI solution for handling complex analytical queries for deriving useful information.

Why is data warehousing necessary?

Data Warehousing assists organizations in generating reports, migrating data to business intelligence tools, and forecast trends. Organizations that apply this BI solution benefit from speeding up the process of drawing reports and utilizing the actionable insights derived from it for making decisions.

What is reporting automation?

Reporting automation or report automation is the process wherein users can draft reports using advanced tools in a timely manner. This BI solution allows organizations to automatically refresh reports at defined intervals and transfer them to specific places.

Why choose Unichrone for BI Consulting Services?

Unichrone offers BI Consulting Services to support and guide organizations in applying business intelligence to their internal structure. Our BI experts indulge in tailoring the BI solutions to meet business intelligence objectives of the organization. Additionally, our consultants engage in offering their guidance to BI teams while implementing BI. As a result, businesses securing the services benefit from finding the true potential of raw datasets collected from various sources.

What is a BI tool?

A Business Intelligence tool is a software that is used to gather, process, assess, and visualize abundant data to predict trends and discover patterns. Organizations can exploit various advanced features of such tools for drawing reports, simplifying the decision-making processes, and generating useful information.