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What is the need for VAPT in Cybersecurity?

VAPT in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the blanket term applied for securing networks, applications, information assets, operations, and so on. Organizations are bound to cover all these aspects with their advanced security practices. The technological changes have made enterprises more vulnerable to threats when compared to the past era. A research study highlights that billions of dollars have been spent on damages caused due to cyber threats in recent years. The importance of cybersecurity has significantly increased, necessitating cyber professionals to create the right strategies to protect organizational data.

Various organizations implement cybersecurity measures as it is not just applicable to the IT industry. IT professionals curate these measures based on the business requirements and objectives. Such professionals are even required to check for vulnerabilities regularly while anticipating cyber threats. This prevents a major impact on the organization and helps in retaining its reputation. Various factors can affect the organization’s cyberspace, requiring IT experts to prepare for such attacks in advance for protecting the organization. One such measure is to introduce VAPT into IT infrastructure.

What is VAPT?

VAPT is the popular acronym for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. It is one of the security testing methods that organizations can implement to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Few businesses consider VAPT as a separate term while few call it a collective term.

Vulnerability assessments are automated reviews of network devices, systems, and servers. These reviews allow IT experts to assess vulnerabilities present within these sectors which can be hacked by potential cyber attackers.

Penetration testing is conducted by experts who can identify all possible methods used by attackers to break into the network, servers, or systems. The test can further assist in determining the potential damages caused to the organizations due to such break-ins.  

Both methods allow enterprises to find critical issues with their cybersecurity and take necessary action. On conducting VAPT, a detailed report of each issue found in the system and suggestions to correct them is prepared. These reports can be even analyzed to identify patterns of cyber threats that organization has faced and might face in the future.

How can VAPT assist an organization’s cybersecurity?

Let us take a peek at a few facts on how VAPT can assist an organization’s cybersecurity.

a.      Broader view

Conducting VAPT enables organizations to gain a broader view of their information systems. The testing is conducted through automated tools that simulate attacks into the system like a hacker. This helps in locating the loopholes present within the servers, networks, and systems present within the IT infrastructure. As VA and PT are conducted simultaneously, cybersecurity issues that are invisible to the human eye can be easily identified.

b.      Protects from wi-fi

Organizations implementing work-from-home policies suffer from poorly secured wifi attacks. VAPT services assist organizations in developing control functions for Wi-fi access ports. This helps in securing organizational assets from poorly encrypted wifi networks. In addition, vulnerability assessments can further assess the level of safety and create password-brute forcing.

c.      Mitigates insider threats

Major issues in cybersecurity is caused due to breachers from employees present within the organization. With remote working, these threats have significantly increased over the past years. Conducting penetration tests assists organizations in performing ethical hacking. Such testing measures allow enterprises to conduct attacks on the system to identify the routes an attacker might take. This helps in patching up the systems before actual cyber-attacks happen.

d. Open-source data collection

Enterprises can be vulnerable to the outside world with their online presence. The information that is presented to the general public can also contain information that can damage the reputation. Organizations can conduct VAPT to find sensitive information on friendly networks and utilize them to secure their website. Such information is embedded deep within the website and cannot be easily found on search engines. Identifying such leaks can assist organizations in identifying their own loopholes within the security system and securing it from cyberattacks.

e. Meet compliance

VAPT testing method is mandatory for organizations that are required to meet compliance requirements with HIPAA and PCI along with other organizations. Penetration tests need to be conducted at regular intervals to find prominent attacks on the network systems. These tests help organizations in adding an extra layer of security to their IT infrastructure. Additionally, VAPT is conducted to offer 360 dree view of major threats that could impact the organization.

To conclude:

Security of IT infrastructure instilled within the organizations is of utmost importance. Gaps in these measures could lead to severe damage and loss of reputation for large enterprises. Moreover, without robust IT security measures, clients hesitate to transact with an organization. Along with the organization’s sensitive data, even clients’ information could be exposed to attackers during prominent attacks.

Securing VAPT consulting services allows organizations to secure their applications, websites, and their entire network infrastructure. The services further assists organizations to reap the benefits of enhanced security at lower costs, creating authorized access to systems, and in-depth analysis of cybersecurity threats.  Enterprises willing to secure their IT assets through advanced infrastructure can secure VAPT services from Unichrone and implement vigorous security measures.