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RSA® Archer and Its Evolution

GRC RSA Archer, integrated risk management

Enterprise governance, risk, and compliance has evolved drastically using RSA® Archer. The RSA Archer GRC platform helps in business-level management by developing unique solutions. Business enterprises use the RSA Archer GRC platform for audit management, corporate compliance management, third-party governance, IT security, and risk management. RSA® Archer also allows organizations to build new applications and monitor them on a single platform. Thus, organizations and business enterprises across multiple industrial sectors utilize the integrated framework provided by the RSA Archer GRC platform with ease.

RSA Archer Suite

RSA Archer GRC Platform

The main characteristic of the RSA® Archer is that it helps in enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). However, this platform provides multiple unique solutions to business enterprises around the world other than GRC. Non-IT business enterprises can also utilize the RSA Archer GRC platform to manage policies, risks, governance, regulations, and issues related to their business processes through Integrated Risk Management (IRM) solutions. Here are some solutions that the RSA Archer GRC platform provides to organizations:

Build customized applications

The RSA Archer GRC platform can be customized to meet the requirements of the business enterprise. Each organization has its own set of requirements, and this platform allows its users to custom-build their own applications.

Automate workflow

Automating the workflow is easier with the RSA Archer GRC platform. It helps in keeping the business processes updated with the latest technology and following best practices of the industry.

Integrate system

The RSA Archer GRC platform assists in monitoring and managing the GRC which is essential for the proper functioning of the business enterprise. System integration allows organizations to protect their data as well as their customers’ information.

Reports and dashboards

Manage and review workflow with the built-in reports and dashboards provided in the RSA Archer GRC platform. Monitoring GRC is also easy with this feature.

Control access

The platform allows the users to take control of the access to the information system and the organization’s data. Thus, within the organization, those employees who have access control can view the relevant information.

Global support

RSA® Archer is used by multiple organizations across the globe. Its global support system is available to help users sort out problems in multiple languages.

The Evolution of RSA® Archer

RSA® Archer has helped many organizations in their digital transformation journey. By allowing organizations full control of their GRC, business processes have become more resilient and flexible. Risk management and enterprise governance have evolved using the RSA Archer GRC platform. Thus, helping organizations in making crucial business decisions and achieving sustainable growth. With the launch of the latest RSA Archer Release 6.10, the evolution of RSA® Archer continues. Business Enterprises irrespective of their size or nature of industry utilize this integrated risk management framework of Archer to solve their risk management and GRC problems.

As risk evolves, so does the RSA Archer GRC platform. A matured IRM program like RSA® Archer is designed to solve problems that modern organizations face regularly including cybersecurity threats and other operational risks. Thus, organizations that use the Archer platform can manage the GRC by overseeing the operations of the entire organization encompassing different departments in a single place. This integrated risk management program helps in actively identifying, evaluating, and mitigating the various risks associated with the business in one single platform.


RSA Archer is an efficient and effective platform that provides GRC and IRM solutions to business organizations. Using RSA Consulting Services, these organizations can start protecting their business processes by gaining expert advice and tailor-made solutions. Risk management solutions like compliance, audit, privacy, enterprise, and operational risk management are provided through this GRC RSA Archer Consulting Service. This will assist organizations in getting better at managing their governance, risk, and compliance across the board.