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Lift and Shift Cloud Migration in AWS

Lift and Shift Cloud Migration in AWS

In this technology-driven era, migrating organizational operations onto the cloud has become a necessity. Many organizations do not have the infrastructure or the budget to install the on-premises cloud architecture required for cloud computing. Installing and maintaining on-premises hardware and software that needs replacement every three to five years can become a burden for business enterprises along with existing economic challenges. Thus, migrating to a cloud service provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS) which already has the required infrastructure using lift and shift migration is the natural choice for these organizations.

Lift and Shift Migration in AWS
Cloud Migration Strategies

The cloud migration to AWS takes place in phases and is often done by the lift-and-shift technique. It is the most common approach of cloud migration where an application and its data are lifted and shifted with minimum changes. Organizations that use the public cloud computing platform of AWS not only save time and money but also enhance their return of investment or ROI by having a cloud-first approach. They invest their valuable time and money in understanding the cloud architecture of AWS instead and discover the ways to get the best possible results out of it.

What is Lift and Shift Migration in AWS?

AWS allows organizations to migrate their business operations onto the cloud through the lift-and-shift model. It is also known as Rehosting, here the existing application and its information can be copied and moved to the cloud infrastructure with no modification or changes. This method is cost-effective for organizations as they are simply replicating their existing application in a cloud environment. Once on the cloud, organizations can use the various services offered by AWS to scale up and modernize their existing business operations.

Most organizations start with this approach as it is easy and does not require in-depth cloud knowledge. Lifting and shifting workloads on the AWS cloud platform save time and money. It also provides the infrastructure and tools like AWS Application Migration Service that result in increased performance and improved security controls. Along with the benefits of using the AWS cloud service provider’s pay-per-use policies, organizations will benefit from its easy-to-use guides for quick and safe rehosting.

Cloud Migration Strategies

Organizations can choose from various cloud migration strategies available to decide the right approach to cloud migration that best addresses their business needs and objectives. These cloud migration strategies or approaches are best summed up as the 6 Rs of cloud migration in the cloud computing industry. Originally called the 5 Rs model by Gartner, it was modified by AWS into the 6 Rs model. These are:


Also known as lift and shift migration, this is the simplest form of cloud migration where existing applications of the organization are copied and moved to the cloud environment without any changes.


It is also called lift and reshape migration, where applications are copied to the cloud environment and modified using features that AWS provides.


This cloud migration strategy is the most advanced approach to cloud migration as it allows a complete redesign of the existing applications.


In this cloud migration approach, organizations can let go of their existing applications in favour of a cloud-first application.


Organizations choose to retain their existing applications and wait for evaluation.


Organizations choose to retire some applications after evaluation as they do not find them useful anymore.

Each ‘R’ of cloud migration has its advantages and disadvantages. Organizations require the input of expert cloud professionals to analyze and evaluate the cloud migration strategy that best suits the organizational requirements and goals. Accordingly, organizations can decide the cloud migration approach that they need to employ to enhance their productivity by migrating to the cloud.


Cloud experts and advisors of our AWS Migration Consulting Services help organizations in identifying their business needs and evaluating the cloud migration strategy that best meets their objectives. Organizations can use this service to find cloud migration solutions that allow them to transform their business processes using the advanced cloud computing architecture and services of AWS.