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Current Business Capabilities with Azure Cloud

Advantages of Using Azure Cloud

The allurement of digital transformation has encouraged many organizations to migrate their existing applications onto the cloud. As a result, organizations can enjoy a host of benefits that cloud computing platforms like Microsoft’s Azure provides including reduced costs and improved business performance. Migrating to the Azure cloud computing platform also allows organizations to extend the business capabilities of their on-premises workloads and data centers. Thus, making it more robust and scalable.

Overview of Azure Cloud

Cloud migration is utilized by business enterprises to cut costs by reducing investment in on-premises infrastructure. The infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) features offered by cloud computing platforms ensure that organizations only pay for services that they use. This is especially beneficial for small and medium sized organizations as they can concentrate on other areas of the business rather than spending on an on-premises server and network infrastructure. Also, cloud migration helps organizations secure their organizational information in case of an on-site disaster.

Azure Cloud offers organizations its premier cloud computing platform that can be scaled according to the needs of the organization and their business requirement. Business enterprises can reduce costs on hardware and on-premises infrastructure by using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. The scalability and flexibility of Azure Cloud ensure that organizations can use the platform depending on their needs and the current market demand. Therefore, organizations can conduct their business remotely from any location in the world without worrying about security and compliance issues.

Advantages of Using Azure Cloud

The most valuable advantage of using Azure Cloud for organizations is the hybrid cloud model that Azure provides. In this model, organizations can utilize their existing infrastructure and IT investments to continue using them by integrating some identity and management capabilities of the cloud. They can migrate only some workloads to the cloud environment and keep the rest of the applications like legacy applications on their existing infrastructure. In this manner, organizations can utilize their existing IT investments as well as benefit from using the scalable features provided by Azure.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantage, there are many other data management benefits of Azure. These are as follows:

  • Better Security and Data Protection – Azure Cloud provides better security and data protection features that help businesses protect their valuable data. The superior threat protection and security management capabilities of Azure ensure that organizations can safeguard their information from cybersecurity breaches.
  • Improved Compliance – Azure allows business enterprises to conduct their operations without stressing about meeting compliance requirements as they offer specialized compliance features as well. Thus, apart from protecting their own data, organizations can protect their customers’ information as well.
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery – The cloud service provider offers built-in, one-click backup and recovery features. On-site disasters will not affect the business processes of the organization as the data are safely and securely stored in the cloud.
  • Manageable Access and Identity Monitoring – The centralized management tool offered by the Azure cloud computing platform enables organizations to efficiently manage access and identity. This ensures that all the information stored on the cloud or on the on-premises infrastructure is readily available to extract and access on a single screen.
  • Increased Scalability – Unlike on-premises infrastructure and physical hardware, Azure Cloud is not limited by constraints. Thus, achieving scalability is easier to meet the demand of the current market or economic trends. This dynamic and flexible feature of Azure allows organizations to scale their cloud environment to attain the latest business requirements.

The various features provided by Azure Cloud like Azure Auto scale, Azure Security Centre, Azure Information Protection, Azure Hybrid Benefit, and end-to-end backup as well as disaster recovery can be utilized by organizations according to their needs. Thus, in quieter times, organizations can scale down and save resources. This gives business enterprises the chance to manage resources efficiently for busier times. Along with data management benefits, Azure offers secure remote working capabilities and assists organizations in reducing pressure on the workforce as well.


Our Azure Migration Services makes the cloud migration process easier and accessible for both small as well as medium businesses around the world. With the help of our expert consultants, organizations can utilize the superior cloud computing advantages offered by Microsoft Azure to drive their business growth. They can further gain a competitive edge over others by extending their current business capabilities.