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5 Best Cloud Migration Tools for 2022

Cloud Migration Tools

With the recent trend of shifting IT infrastructure to cloud platforms, cloud migration tools have gained immense popularity. With simpler ways to migrate to the cloud, enterprises and small organizations have taken the most complex decision to utilize cloud platforms. In 2021, cloud platforms were even considered one of the top investment areas. The rise of the pandemic and remote work culture has equally contributed to the rising demand for the cloud and its advanced features.

To add to that, various businesses have even started investing in different types of cloud platforms. Depending on the requirements, organizations choose from the public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud platforms. Expert cloud professionals choose the best platform for migrating and engaging in performing the tasks associated with it. In addition, professionals further use their advanced knowledge to choose the best cloud migration tool.

Cloud Migration Tools

What is a Cloud Migration Tool?

In simple words, a cloud migration tool is designed to assist organizations in moving their applications, data, servers, and workloads at their own pace. Businesses willing to shift from age-old systems to cloud platforms can easily do so by using cloud migration tools. These tools further assist in reducing downtime, team struggles, and various other complexities involved in the migration process. Let us have a look at some of the features that cloud migration tools should have.

Endless support

Cloud migration tools should offer continuous support to the organization. Professionals having expertise in cloud migration should ensure that the tool assists in smooth transformation. They should further be able to gain all the support necessary for understanding its operation and suitability to the organization.


Irrespective of the cloud migration tool chosen by the organization, compatibility with its internal structure plays a significant role. Whether cloud experts choose public cloud or private cloud, its compatibility with the organization’s IT environment has to be weighed. Without compatibility testing, an organization might just enhance unnecessary expenses on cloud platforms.


Before deploying cloud migration tools, cloud professionals need to conduct assessments. This procedure is popularly known as the pre-migration assessment which is one of the must-have features of the tool. The pre-migration feature entitles organizations to analyze if the cloud migration tool is the best fit for their IT structure.

Performance Optimization

On moving to cloud platforms, an organization is entitled to measure the performance and compare it with industry standards as well as KPIs. The performance optimization feature should assist in giving out adequate reports and insights. In addition, cloud migration tools should have real-time dashboards to support businesses in viewing the progress and analytics simultaneously.

Having known the important features that a cloud migration must have makes it easier to choose the right tool. Below are a few best cloud migration tools that are used by large enterprises.

Top 5 Cloud Migration Tools

AWS Migration Tool

AWS Migration Services enables businesses to migrate their workloads securely and quickly. Businesses employing AWS Migration Services need not make any major changes to applications and servers during the course of migration. The tool is designed to automatically restart the process in case of interruptions. Additionally, using the AWS tool allows cloud professionals to easily move data without any hassles.

Azure Migration Tool

Utilizing Azure Migration Services allows cloud experts to make use of the Azure Central Hub. This tool is crafted to assist users in tracking each process from start to finish. Businesses can migrate their databases and applications with ease using the streamlined approach. Moreover, choosing the Azure Cloud Migration tool enables businesses to easily maintain compliance with the migration process.

Google Cloud Migration Tool

Google Cloud Migration Tool offers a wide range of services that can be exploited to migrate different workloads onto the cloud. It even has a built-in system for validation along with rollbacks to secure the data that is being migrated to the cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, the tool has additional features for specific use cases that can assist organizations in migrating even an entire business unit.

Cornet SurPaaS

Businesses willing to quickly transform their applications onto cloud platforms can utilize Cornet SurPaaS. This cloud migration tool has the ability to analyze and migrate applications onto cloud platforms and is even compatible with other platforms. Cloud professionals can easily manage the environment of each application within the platform and make necessary decisions.


In order to migrate seamlessly, Cloudscape Migration Tool allows businesses to gather all the scattered data and then migrate them onto the cloud. Expert cloud professionals can easily choose the best method of migrating the data by utilizing its automation features. Additionally, experts can easily validate and optimize the entire IT infrastructure of the organization through the Cloudscape tool.

To Sum Up:

Migrating to the cloud has always been a challenge for various organizations lacking the right expertise and personnel. Securing Cloud Migration Services can assist such organizations in transforming their IT infrastructure from the traditional system. Additionally, these popular cloud migration tools enable businesses to take advantage of modern technology whilst enhancing their reputation. This further helps in gaining reliable support and maximizes an organization’s potential within the cloud landscape.