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Guide to Choose Best AWS Cloud Storage Services

cloud storage service

Cloud storage service offered by AWS enables enterprises to store, modify and retrieve data from a storage server. Securing this service from Amazon allows businesses to acquire offsite storage capacity which is flexible and accessible from anywhere. The storage services are designed to store files and databases with the pay-as-you-go model for the organization. Businesses can further reduce or increase their capacity for storage services as per requirements.

Cloud Storage Service

Currently, cloud storage services have gained more popularity in recent years to safely store data. A cloud user is entitled to access the organization’s data even remotely rather than depending on local storage. Such users might just require an internet connection to do so when compared to the physical presence required for accessing files from on-premises storage. Let us have a look at a few benefits of utilizing the storage service offered by AWS.

Benefits of using AWS Cloud Storage Services

Access from anywhere

Securing the cloud storage service of AWS allows organizations to store their data safely on cloud platforms and access it from anywhere. The storage service is flexible and user-friendly, allowing cloud professionals to carry out their tasks smoothly. Professionals can further make use of storage services from multiple devices like smartphones and computer systems. A good internet connection facilitates businesses to utilize this benefit.

Secured platform

AWS utilizes its own layers of security to protect abundant data stored by several organizations on the cloud platform. The cloud storage service is highly encrypted, allowing businesses to track access information at all times. A copy of the data will be stored at other data centers, thereby protecting it from data breaches and mishaps.

Automation feature

Cloud storage services are embedded with automation feature that allows businesses to operate without any hassles while storing on cloud. In addition, several users can operate simultaneously whilst data is being transferred to the cloud platform. Businesses can greatly benefit from this feature as there would be no downtime.


With the increase in data breaches over the years, businesses tend to look for the best recovery options available while storing their data. Backing up data is quite important for organizations today as it saves abundant costs of recovery. Cloud storage services offer this feature, enabling organizations to create a backup of information assets on the cloud platform.

With these benefits, businesses can further choose from a wide range of cloud storage services that are made available by AWS.

Types of Amazon Cloud Storage Services

Amazon S3

Simple Storage Service of AWS is the most traditional service that utilizes an object storage model. Several businesses secure this service to host web content which can be easily supported with high bandwidth and demand. The service further allows three forms of encryption thereby restricting its accessibility only to administrators. In addition, Amazon S3 supports various compliance certifications and security standards.

Amazon Glacier

This cloud storage service is typically used for archives and data backup. Retrieving data using this service can be time-consuming, thereby allowing businesses to store data that are less critical for business operations. Enterprises can store scientific or research data collected over a period of time or data that simply needs digital preservation. Although it is less expensive than other cloud storage services offered by Amazon, Glacier can only be utilized for storing data that needs to be accessed less frequently.

Amazon EBS

Amazon Elastic Book Storage (EBS) is the most common cloud storage service opted by large enterprises. It has three different kinds of storage options ranging from the size of 1GB to 16 TB. These include general purpose magnetic storage, general purpose SSD storage, and provisioned IOPS SSD storage. This storage is best suited for data that keeps changing frequently or applications that need access to block-level storage.

AWS Storage Gateway

This cloud storage service allows businesses to integrate the on-premises applications with Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. It is best suited for sharing corporate files, and data mirroring along with disaster recovery. The performance of this cloud storage service is based on the bandwidth of the gateway, speed and configurations of the physical disks, and the amount of local storage assigned to the gateway. Furthermore, the cost of utilizing this storage service depends on what feature is being utilized by the organization.

To Sum Up:

AWS Cloud is the most trusted and reliable platform that enterprises can utilize for storing their databases and information assets. Migrating data from physical storage systems to the cloud storage of AWS enables businesses to reap vast benefits in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and performance.

Organizations can utilize AWS Cloud Migration Services to access various cloud storage options. Highly qualified cloud professionals assist organizations in choosing the best cloud storage service that meets all the requirements. In addition, these experts also advise businesses on reaping the perks of cloud storage services being employed.