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7 Ways RSA Archer benefits Organizations

RSA Archer GRC Benefits

Organizations these days are equipping themselves with a solid GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) program that acts as a protective measure against threats and uncertainties. With the increasing emphasis on corporate governance, businesses are protecting their operations from financial risks resulting from non-compliance with government and nation-based regulations. Thus, GRC policies help enterprises reduce operational costs, manage security, and ensure compliance. RSA Archer provides GRC solutions to organizations by developing its governance, risk, and compliance program according to optimal industrial standards.

What is RSA Archer?

RSA Archer is known for its effective GRC solutions; thus, it is also referred to as the RSA Archer GRC platform. Organizations can use the RSA Archer platform to adapt to their business needs and find the appropriate GRC solutions. From managing policies to controlling risks, the RSA Archer GRC provides solutions for all governance, risk, and compliance-related issues in a common platform. The uniformity of the RSA Archer platform allows organizations to evaluate and monitor their GRC’s effectiveness and comply with the relevant guidelines.

The Archer tool is accessible enough to be operated by any professional with sufficient knowledge of the GRC platform. Professionals do not require to possess coding knowledge to use RSA Archer. They can use the platform to automate processes, review the workflow, and manage user access without extensive training. However, organizations can engage their staff in RSA Archer training to better understand the platform. These trained professionals can use their knowledge and skills of the RSA Archer platform to build applications and integrate them with external systems to yield effective GRC solutions.

RSA Archer Benefits for Organizations

Organizations can use RSA Archer GRC to deliver outcomes based on industry standards and best practices. RSA Archer Tool helps businesses address risk management, compliance, and data governance issues. It assists organizations in safeguarding their business operations by protecting the information systems against violation and data leaks on the cloud. Thus, organizations can ensure a safe and secure cloud environment by implementing RSA Archer GRC.

Here are seven ways RSA Archer is beneficial for organizations and their business operations:

  1. Audit Management – The audit management function of RSA Archer GRC helps organizations incorporate a risk-based approach to preparing for uncertainties. Thus, businesses can expand their operations without burdening their audit team by exerting control and access for better audit management.
  2. IT and Security Risk Management – This feature of the RSA Archer platform allows organizations to evaluate the information systems and assets critical for effective business functioning. With the help of RSA Archer, organizations can prepare better strategies to safeguard these valuable assets and respond to threats.
  3. Enterprise and Operational Risk Management – RSA Archer assists organizations in prioritizing essential tasks and facilitating operations using its enterprise and operational risk management component. It provides a comprehensive view of the business risks and cataloging them, which also proves helpful for audit management.
  4. Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Management – This RSA Archer feature allows organizations to establish a transparent regulatory compliance system. It helps maintain business operations by creating an auditable GRC program that complies with corporate governance and other external governing bodies like EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  5. Third-Party Governance – RSA Archer plays a vital role in third-party governance through TPRM (Third Party Risk Management). TPRM involves protecting the organization and its business processes from third parties like vendors, suppliers, or other organizations who were its business partners.
  6. Public Sector – The public sector solutions provided by the RSA Archer platform helps safeguard organizations and their business operations by fulfilling the unique requirements of government agencies.
  7. Business Resiliency – All organizations aim to attain some form of business resilience, and RSA Archer is the perfect platform that helps them become resilient. Organizations can ensure business continuity and sustain their operations in the long run with the business resiliency features provided by RSA Archer GRC.


RSA Archer GRC is the ultimate platform for an organization’s governance, risk, and compliance-related issues. With the help of our expert advisors and consultants of our RSA Archer GRC Consulting, modern organizations can safeguard their operations by leveraging the RSA Archer platform. By doing so, organizations can ensure that their business operations are resilient against uncertainties and capable of attaining sustainable long-term growth.