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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has recently gained a lot of importance in this digitally transforming world. The rapid advancements in technology have led to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence through the study patterns of human brain and assessment of cognitive processes. In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Though the term was initially discovered in the year 1956, AI is being applied by organizations only in the last decade. Several businesses in the digital era are adapting their internal structure to apply artificial intelligence and automation tools to accomplish their transformation goals.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Digital transformation is a complicated task that traditional organizations often fail to cope with. Without the right advanced tools and techniques, businesses do not have the ability to instill AI within their structure. Along with AI, organizations are necessitated to automate their workflows for transforming operational efficiency. In order to establish AI infrastructure from scratch, other internal processes need to be altered accordingly to divert resources for AI processes. This further assists in reducing human errors and time-consuming activities. organizations can execute these complicated processes seamlessly by securing AI consulting Services.

AI Consulting Services offered by Unichrone enables the effortless transformation of the organization by instilling Artificial Intelligence. Our AI consultants engage in guiding the organization throughout the AI infrastructure development phases. Additionally, our consultants design strategies for deploying AI, gathering information on business needs, and creating AI software. Our services include strategy and consulting, predictive analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, chatbot development, and image and video analytics. Furthermore, our consultants ensure to devise a plan of action for offering continuous assistance and maintaining AI software for the organization.

Where is AI used today?
Artificial Intelligence is being applied across various sectors like Retail, Shopping, Fashion, Manufacturing and Production. Read more
What are the three types of AI?
The three types of AI include Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Super Intelligence. The classification of the above AI types is done based on its capabilities.

How has artificial intelligence benefitted?
Applying AI across various industries has made the lives of humans much easier. There has been a drastic decrease in errors due to automated processes. Organizations are capable of making better-informed decisions with the insights offered by AI. Furthermore, organizations can easily solve complicated problems by integrating AI into their internal structure.
What is AI program?
AI program is a computer program that imitates human behavior through observation and learning of various data patterns present within the organization.
How powerful is AI today?
Artificial Intelligence is designed to process and analyze data much faster than humans. Instilling AI within the internal structure of the organization enables businesses to reduce labor-intensive tasks and secure accurate insights on available data. As a result, AI has no end limits for handling work even in a fraction of time. This showcases that AI is more powerful than ever in the current digital era.

Key Features of AI Consulting Services

AI has created a new era of the digital world by assisting organizations in automating their business operations. The AI solutions can be handcrafted to meet the AI requirements of the organizations. Our consultants further engage in implementing Artificial Intelligence across various business units to maximize return on investments. In addition, our services can be acquired by organizations operating across various industries. Securing AI Consulting Services offered by Unichrone makes it easier for businesses to apply a seamless process for automating their operational activities.

  • Lesser time dedicated for AI solution development
  • Highly scalable solutions for instilling AI
  • Enhanced efficiency of business activities
  • Lesser human errors by applying AI software
  • Experienced data engineers for implementation
  • Reduced operational costs with fewer labor-intensive processes
  • Seamless integration of AI into organizational framework
  • Handcrafted AI solutions offered with 24/7 assistance

Why choose AI Consulting Services?

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence in recent years has permitted businesses to leverage the benefits of automated business activities. Also, with the increase in the operational activities of the organization, humans, as well as traditional machines, are incapable of absorbing, interpreting, and making complex decisions. Instilling Artificial Intelligence within the structure allows humans to reduce their effort in interpreting vast amounts of data. Apart from data analysis, AI can also be utilized for detecting frauds, chatbot services, natural language processing, machine learning, analyzing images and videos, and so on. This has even improved the everyday life of humans as most of the tasks are automated, enabling employees to focus on more important activities that require human intelligence.

This makes it evident that incorporating Artificial Intelligence into the framework assists organizations to stay at par with digitization. Additionally, securing AI consulting Services enables businesses to strengthen their operational tasks and realize the benefits.

Various instances have shown that AI has significantly improved the organizational activities of organizations. Industries like healthcare and manufacturing have applied AI to speed up their process of conducting operations. A few recent AI-powered advancements include facial recognition, chatbots, robotics, virtual reality, and so on. to stay updated with such trends, businesses need to transform by exploiting and investing in AI technology. On assessing such needs, businesses can secure the AI consulting service and get assistance from AI experts. Our consultants further offer their support and guidance to AI teams instilled within the organization. Additionally, organizations gain better visibility and a better understanding of operational activities with AI.

With accurate data and faster execution of processes through AI, organizations can easily stay ahead of their competitors. As a result, procuring AI Consulting Services empowers businesses to operate better by augmenting their abilities.

AI Strategy


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AI Experts engage in identifying the requirements of Artificial Intelligence and assess the organizational compatibility.



On assessing the needs, our AI experts tailor the solutions that best fit the organizational goals using the right tools.



We engage in select best AI implementation practices by integrating it with other software and launch the solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main AI technologies?

A few of the major AI technologies that are currently being applied across various sectors include natural language generation, speech recognition, virtual agents, machine learning platforms, deep learning platforms, and so on.

How is AI different from human intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence depends on the data being fed to the software. On the contrary human intelligence is based on the sound capacities of the brain and the ability to think. AI-powered machines are often trained by regular training processes and learn from the information given. This significantly differentiates humans intelligence from artificial intelligence.

What is the role of an AI expert?

An AI expert engages in applying his/her expertise to analyze the needs of the organization. Additionally, our experts assess whether an organization is capable of securing the needed resources for implementing AI. Thereafter, our consultants engage in implementing the solution and guiding AI teams to exploit various features of AI and reap its benefits.

How are AI solutions implemented?

Before implementing AI solutions, an organization needs to understand the key aspects of artificial intelligence. The next step is to determine how effectively can AI improve business operations. Senior managers need to further assess whether their internal capabilities can support AI software. Thereafter, businesses can secure AI Consulting Services from Unichrone to acquire handcrafted AI solutions. Our consultants guide internal AI teams to make optimal use of AI technologies through the process of implementation.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is considered as the subset of Artificial Intelligence. It is broadly defined as the ability of a machine to imitate human behavior. These machines can further adapt and learn through new data without human intervention.

How do strategy and consulting service assist?

Strategy and Consulting Service offered under AI solutions enable organizations to harness the benefits of applying AI. This service helps businesses to improve their utilization of AI elements, thereby enhancing their operational effectiveness. AI experts engage in offering their assistance in designing AI strategies and guiding AI teams throughout the implementation journey.

What is the need for natural language processing?

Natural Language Processing is the branch of AI that enables computers to understand text and spoken words just like humans. This branch of AI is more concerned with interactions between machines and human language. Securing this service allows businesses to process and assess vast amounts of natural language data.

What is predictive analytics?

APredictive analytics is a technique under advanced analytics that assists in making predictions on future trends based on historic data. This analytical technique further uses statistical models, data mining and machine learning to interpret data patterns. Businesses tend to utilize predictive analytics in order to identify risks and opportunities that can affect the organization.

How do chatbots benefit?

A chatbot is the artificial intelligence technology that is designed to answer questions and offer customer support. AI-powered chatbots make use of the data available in order to provide a customized experience to users. Additionally, such chatbots are designed to enhance customer engagement by being available at all times. As a result, chatbots can effectively increase sales by gaining insights into customer behavior.

What is the need for image and video analytics?

Image and video analytics apply computer vision algorithms for deriving actionable insights. Organizations utilize this analytical method to analyze video and image files for collecting operational information. Securing this service simplifies the process of applying the advanced algorithms for enhancing the quality of images and videos. This AI service further assists in improving business performance for an organization.

Why choose Unichrone for AI Consulting Services?

Securing AI Consulting Services offered by Unichrone allows organizations to harness the true power of artificial intelligence. The services employ a simplified framework which makes it easier for organizations to implement AI and realize its benefits. Additionally, securing the various AI services allow businesses to get guidance and support in improving their AI applications. The AI solutions are handcrafted to suit the requirements of the organization and to achieve business goals.

How can businesses adopt AI?

Businesses willing to adopt Artificial Intelligence need to initially be familiar with various aspects of artificial intelligence. The next step is to find issues that can be solved using AI. Before applying artificial intelligence to the organization, businesses need to start small and then scale up activities as needed. The slow process of incorporating AI into the internal framework assists businesses in decreasing the losses that may be incurred due to sudden AI instillation.